You Need to Know if Your Advertising is Working

We provide intensive tracking for all of our products and services, every dollar you spend is being tracked, this insures your budget is being spent on the most effective advertising mediums. We can maximize your return on investment with the information tracking gives us, it will show us where your customers are looking or finding you, and what ads brought the best response or conversion ratio. Recording all your calls is extremely helpful in identifying how your employees engage with your customers, we have found that many leads call in but the employee is not trained on how to convert phone calls into customer’s, because of this you experience a lack of sales from your advertising dollars, which we would not have known without listening to your calls.

Here’s a Few of The Ways We Track Your Advertising

Organic and PPC Performance

Campaign and ad Group structure, all keywords being used, impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, avg. position and top performing ad content .

Call Tracking and Recording

Every call is recorded with reports delivered weekly and monthly, dynamic # insertion, date and time stamped caller ID, call duration, new and repeat calls and call source (ads).

Landing Pages

Custom designed responsive landing pages to match your website and brand, with tracking #’s and tracking contact forms.

Social Media, Blog and Review Tracking

Social media likes shares and clicks, blog shares and clicks, online review and newsletter sign up tracking.

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