What to look for when hiring a PPC agency.

We have taken over many Pay Per Click accounts from frustrated business owners that have either attempted to run their own Google adwords account, or hired an agency that wasn’t working for them. Managing a well run, profitable PPC program is both time consuming and takes experience to do it right. Below we have identified the top questions to ask when hiring a PPC agency.

The Top 5 Questions to ask when hiring a PPC agency: 

  • Will I own my adwords account? This is very important as you want to retain control of your account when you hire a PPC agency. Many PPC agencies will created an account for your business within their agency account so they retain control over your account.  They do this to make it more difficult for you to leave their agency. If you decide to leave, they retain all of your data.  You lose data on what ads were run, keywords that were used, call tracking lines and the conversion data of each keyword.  At Pacific View Marketing we manage your PPC account for you but you retain control over your own adwords account.
  • What are my fees?  Many companies won’t disclose their management fees as they want to retain as much of your budget as possible while barely meeting your minimum expectations.  You should go with a percentage of spend so you know exactly how much of your budget is dedicated to spending directly on the search engines in your PPC program.  We believe in total transparency and our clients know exactly what they are paying us to manage their PPC program.
  • How do you track my results? Many agencies only track the number of clicks that you are receiving from your PPC program. It is essential that your agency track your conversions, including phone calls and form fills from your PPC program.  At Pacific View Marketing we track and record the phone calls and track the phone call down to what keyword drove that call. This give us a complete understanding of what keywords are driving the most profitable phone calls for our clients.  Our clients want to know “how many leads am I getting for my budget?” This can only be accomplished with accurate conversion tracking.
  • Do you create dedicated landing pages? Many agencies (and most business owners) set up their campaigns to drive traffic to the website home page.  But this is a mistake.  Dedicated landing pages that match the search query are proven to be far more effective in converting clicks into phone calls.  For example if I click on an ad that says “Criminal Law Attorney” and I am directed into a website home page that talks about the attorney, the history of the firm and the different types of law they handle, then I am going to most likely bounce back out as the landing page didn’t match my search query.  But if I land on a page that is dedicated to criminal law, I am much more likely to call that business as that is exactly what I was looking for when I searched.
  • Do I need to sign a long term contract? Many large agencies will lock you into long term contracts from 6-12 months. Legally binding you to the contract whether they perform or not.  There is no reason to sign long term contract as it doesn’t benefit anyone except the agency.

We don’t do long term contracts because we are confident in our ability to deliver results for our clients.  We want clients to do business with us because we are performing, not because they are contracted to stay with us.  PPC accounts can take a couple months to fine tune & optimize to where they are running at their very best but if you feel you want to take over your account, you are welcome to.

Well those are the 5 most important questions to ask.  If you are looking for a PPC agency that delivers results, contact us here or call 805-399-4772.  To learn more about our PPC programs, click here. 

Author Evan Means

Author Evan Means


Evan is the co-founder of Pacific View Marketing who brings over 15 years of digital marketing experience.  He enjoys helping businesses grow through digital marketing programs. Evan has worked with both small businesses and large regional companies looking to build their online presence.  When he is not working on digital marketing, he can be found mountain biking or out on the ocean paddle boarding.