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Your B2B Team

CRI Concrete

Affordable Inspection Services

Your B2B Team

CRI Concrete

Affordable Inspection Services

"Evan, Doug and Pacific View Marketing have exceeded our expectations with developing our new website, social media branding, and increasing our market reach. Their professionalism, patience, and creativity really showed throughout the process. Thank you both for the fantastic job!"

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What Makes a Great Website Design?


your website is a reflection of your business and it should be professionally designed, if your website looks professional then your potential customers will feel they are considering a professional. A great website can create a competitive advantage, if a potential customer is searching the web and they come across a poorly designed site and then your professionally designed site, they are more likely to do business with you. A poorly designed site can actually drive customers to your competitors as they may not be confident in your brand.


Communicates Clearly

your site should describe who you are and what you do clearly, then each visitor will know they are in the right place. Your message should be directed and resonate with your target audience.

Optimized for Multi-Device Usability

Your site should be built responsively (resize to different screen sizes automatically), should be easy to navigate with no “flashy” objects that get in the way of browsing, such as flash banners and animations, pop-ups, or overly-complicated and unnecessary elements.

Includes Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Your pages should use calls-to-action, they direct visitors to the next logical step. Remember, the goal of your pages are to compel visitors to dig deeper into your website, CTAs turn your website into a sales- or lead-generation engine and not just a brochure.

Professional Photography

Appearance is everything, photographs not only show the visitor what you offer but can also make them want to act, people no longer want to just browse a website, they want to experience it. Using professional photography of your products and services will help you market to a much larger audience. Professional photography of your team in action will get you authentic results that will convey company culture and consistency. Your face is part of your brand, a professional head shot will make your customer see you as more trustworthy, sincere, and well experienced.

Professional Videography

Nothing builds a great first impression, rapport, gets traffic and makes sales like a good video. Here are some other ways a professional video can help, they can increase your click through rate, have visitors stay on your site for longer periods of time and boost your SEO for keywords.

Our Process



We will consult you on what type of site is needed to meet your expectations. We give you a proposal for your new site, it consist of a content management system (CMS), functionality list (list detailing the technical functions the site must perform), the final estimate/budget and general project timeline

Brand Review

We walk you through a questionnaire that helps us fully understand your brand, products, services and company culture. Your answers will guide us through the process of creating the design and functionality of your website, making it unique to your business and needs.

Professional Content

We partner with professional content writers that will convey your brands unique message to convert website visitors into leads and then into paying customers.

Search Engine Friendly

All of our websites are designed to be not only visually stunning, but we also incorporate SEO best practices.

Quality Control Review

When your site is finished we will personally review all the content (text, graphics, Photos, videos) for any mistakes or functionality issues, any issues that are identified will be fixed before launch.

Full Service Launch

We have professional Photographers and Videographers on staff that are available to produce visually impactful images and/or video that are unique to your brand.


At Pacific View Marketing we believe in total transparency with our customers. You will receive full access to extensive performance reports, these reports include what keywords, geographies and ads are generating your phone calls and the ability to listen to your recorded phone calls. We also disclose exactly how much of your monthly budget is spent on your PPC advertising and how much went towards our maintenance fee. Total transparency leads to trust and a better business relationship, which in turn helps us make better marketing decisions together.